ViU Launch

Dialog ViU is a mobile app that takes you to a world of unlimited local and international entertainment, sports, education, and lifestyle video content.

Promotions started on 2019 December

Platforms: FB & IG

Results as of 2020 December:

  • 1 million + downloads on the Play store
  • 200k+ downloads on App Store
  • 2.5 million people reached across the island
  • 10.5 million + total impressions
  • 5 million-plus total engagements on ads and posts

Special Techniques used

  • Use of third-party pages (meme pages) and gossip site banners to push the brand and position the product
  • Content-based marketing via special campaigns focused on unique content title launches
  • Positive reinforcement strategies deployed to reduce high levels of negativity
  • Introduction of an effective complaint management mechanism

Unique Challenges

Brand positioning was a challenge because the product was launched amid the pandemic, with far less content titles on the platform. However, despite the disadvantages, our main objective was to find TG online behavior and how effectively can we be in front of them at the right time with the right message.

Our research revealed that our TG is spending more time on FB looking through meme/community content, and gossip sites. Therefore, we heavily pushed informal content through meme pages on FB and engaging web banners on top gossip sites in the country to take the brand to the TG. Getting to the TG, with the right content mix and without disrupting their online behavior, we managed to not only run awareness campaigns effectively but also run highly coordinated conversion campaigns with a greater success rate.

Dealing with negative feedback, was something we anticipated & prepared for because the customer sentiment for the product’s parent company was at a downfall. Our first focus in finding a sustainable solution for the problem was building a separate image and positioning for the Viu brand. Meaning, separate Facebook & Instagram pages for the brand that would help us distance it from the master brand.

We also set up a rapid complaint management system via the Dialog ViU dedicated FB & IG platforms. This helped us position the dedicated social media platforms faster and allowed us more control over customer sentiment. We also established a special email complaint management system with the ViU technical team to receive and solve complicated complaints (technical) that we couldn’t sort by ourselves via social messaging.

We ran multiple giveaways to counter the negativity, as rewards are a proven method of converting negativity to positivity. However, we carefully analyzed the target audience and what enticed them before deciding the rewards. Our selections were data giveaways, gold coins, cash giveaways, and smartphone giveaways. Within the first 6 months, with the brand reaching a popularity peak, we received 85% negativity from our social content, but we managed to bring it down to 2% in 3 months using the above positive reinforcement mechanisms.

Battling Churn was a major concern towards the 3rd quarter of 2020. To battle this issue, the ViU team partnered up with Hungama Play to acquire a huge library of English blockbuster movies along with Hindi & Tamil content. Our job was to effectively communicate this to the churning base. We extracted the MSISDns of the customers who churned and who were likely to churn out and targeted them with content messages that they now can watch a wide variety of new content. Along with this messaging, we tagged in a special giveaway of mobile data. This was a successful recipe. We saw a conversion rate of 10% of the total churned base.

Dialog ViU’s success story is one of many, get in touch with us to know how we can help elevate your brand. Contact us via email at or phone at 775685495