The campaign started in August 2019

Platforms: IG

Results as of December 2020:

  • From 100k active users to 350k+ active users
  • Reached over 1 million people across the island
  • 7 million + total impressions
  • 3.5 million-plus total engagements on ads and posts
  • 40,000+ user-generated content


Special Techniques used

Use of micro-influencers on Instagram who’s trusted by the identified TG to push the messaging that Netflix is officially in Sri Lanka. And redirect fans to the official Netflix Instagram page. Another objective was to cultivate a user behavior of sharing Instagram stories of them enjoying Netflix content/binging.

We developed the influencer strategy to specifically cater to the above objectives. We saw results in just three months of campaigning, 4,000+ organic followers, 500+ user-generated content per month on average. These numbers got even bigger in the next couple of months, and we were able to sustain a healthy growth rate without influencers as planned. The three-month campaign was the longest & largest micro-influencer campaign in Sri Lanka.

Fostering organic page growth and increased daily and monthly active usage of Netflix by effectively using stories & the Instagram algorithm. Daily content suggestions covering over 1000 content categories, daily stories on what’s to come, and content engagement postings on feed. The client’s requirement was to keep ad budgets at a minimum, and through the above content strategy, we managed to do the same.

Launch of concept #WorryFreeNetflix to attack issues Sri Lankan users might face in streaming Netflix. We did extensive market research before Netflix officially launched in Sri Lanka, since Netflix was already available in the country 2 years prior to the official launch, we were able to conduct effective research with multiple data points. We realized that high data charges were the number one concern, limited payment options secondly. With the help of Dialog Axiata, special unlimited data packages were launched and promoted under the new campaign theme called, “Worry-Free Netflix”. Effectively pushing these packages directly increased the daily & monthly active users of the platform and helped Netflix acquire new customers.

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